Turnitin Instructions for UMUC Faculty

1. Access account: New users | Returning users

2. Create a class: Standard class

3. Create assignments

4. Upload assignments: By students | By faculty member

5. Read originality Reports: For faculty | For students

6. Create Revision assignments

1a. New users: Create your personal login and join UMUC's Turnitin account.

1b. Returning users: Enter with your personal login information.

2. Create a standard class.

Note: A pop up window will appear with your Turnitin class ID number and enrollment key. Copy this down because you will need it if you want your students to submit their work to Turnitin. See retrieving the class ID and key for help if you lose this information.
Sample Pop Up

3. Create assignments. Choose the options you want for your settings.

4a. Upload assignments: By students.

4b. Upload assignments: By faculty member.

5a. For faculty: Read Originality Reports (usually ready in less than 10 minutes).

5b. For students: Read Originality Reports.

6. If you want students to check their Originality Reports and edit their work before grading, set up Revision assignments.